About Me

I always have to have a diary with me to scribble while i read. If i am reading , while commuting to my office , which is most often the case , i photograph passages or jot down my feelings on my phone. That’s why i have i have named my blog as “Jotted Ramblings” .


Hello People !!

My name is Roselyn.

I fell in love with books when i  went to my school librarian asking him to give me Enid Blyton’s book. I love the feeling of escapism that reading brings. I read mostly fiction -classics , contemporaries, children’s book. Through my blog i wish to record and capture my reading journey, through my camera and writing.

I am also a book collector. And I am proud of it. My record has been buying 45 books in a month. My weekends are spent browsing through my local book-store. My week-days are spent adding books to my Amazon wishlist.


In real life i am a boring software programmer, sometimes its fun, most days it is not .

Feel free to contact me on jottedramblings@gmail.com

Follow me on Instagram  @jottedramblings






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